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February 16, 2018

Lifeography Patent Published!

Lifeography's synchronization patent was published this past week.


UMBRA Shop Completed

Today we finished the UMBRA Shop in preparation for the public release of Lifeography. Get ready healthcare; you are about to be severely disrupted!


February 9, 2018

February 5, 2018

By: Ramon Dempers

Medicine is Getting Smarter - Keep Your Family Safe

Healthcare is undergoing a dramatic shift in how it is and will be delivered in the coming years. These developments will make care better, faster, and more convenient; but will it make health delivery safer? The answer is an emphatic no. READ MORE

First New Team Member of 2018

We are excited to welcome Bethany Talmadge to the team today! She has joined us as our Clinical Affairs Associate, and she will be helping the marketing team let the world know about Lifeography.

Beth Hi frame2

February 5, 2018

January 29, 2018

Soft Launch Party

Fun day with the ever-growing UMBRA team at the kick-off party! This week initiates our soft launch of Lifeography, starting with four Georgia cities.



Lunch with our team at STAX burger joint - an essential planning session with Lifeography soft launch a week away! Program VP, Tim, is keeping everything moving forward! (He is the serious one.)


January 19, 2018

January 20, 2018

FIT4MOM Kick-off Event

UMBRA and FIT4MOM kick off 2018 with a great opening day at Perimeter Mall.

Fit4Mom Day

The Marketing Team Gets a Leader

Today we welcome Glenda Wright as our new Director of Creative Services and Brand Marketing.

Glenda Hi Fram

December 22, 2017

December 20, 2017

FDA Part 11 Certification

The UMBRA team went through their formal Title 21 CFR Part 11 training, which pertains to the law that governs the regulation and compliance of all electronic records in life-science and healthcare companies. Lifeography Client and Lifeography Server meet and exceed the requirements of the law, and we work hard to ensure that everyone working on Lifeography is fully trained on the regulatory aspects of the industry.

Part11 Certification

Christmas Party at Crabapple Tavern

Fun afternoon celebrating the holidays and a very productive close to 2017. Thrilled Dr. David Covall was able to join us!


December 15, 2017

December 6, 2017

FHIR 3.0 Database

UMBRA announced today the completion of their FHIR 3.0 compliant databases for Lifeography Server that will go into production early 2018. FHIR 3.0 is the latest implementation of the HL/7 interoperability standard, and UMBRA is doing its part to support and propagate the standard in healthcare to give patients control of their medical data.


Welcome to Our Newest Member!

Today we welcome Jared Gibson, our Software Research Engineer and newest member of the team.

Jared Hi frame

November 27, 2017

November 16, 2017

One of the UMBRA Health Development Teams

Our wonderful team solving BIG problems in healthcare.


Trick-or-Treat with FIT4MOM

What a treat! A workout and stroller trick-or-treat with the most adorable characters. Happy Halloween!

TrickorTreat main

October 31, 2017

October 17, 2017

First Trailblazer Focus Groups Underway!

Today we hosted the most fun focus group ever. Our Trailblazers with FIT4MOM Roswell / Alpharetta got an exclusive first look at Lifeography while the kids enjoyed a play date with Ellie Umbra and fun activities with Ginny from Your Milk Shoppe and Sam from UMBRA. Thanks Trailblazers for coming in to share your feedback!


Lifeography Test Week

Lifeography is being put through its MVP test cycles this week. By the end of it all, our quality department and testers will have executed 42,000 tests on 6 platforms to ensure Lifeography is ready for our users.


"The quality department is given the authority it needs to ensure we release products that delight our customers. If it does not pass our testing schedule, we have the power to delay the release until it does."
Sarah McGaughey

October 16, 2017

September 21, 2017

The Sales Team is Born

David Keim joins the team today and marks the beginning of UMBRA Health's sales team.

David Hi Frame

Ellie Umbra is Born

Let’s welcome Ellie Umbra to the UMBRA team. Just like Lifeography, Ellie Umbra is everywhere we go, and she’ll never forget the adventures we take her on. Be on the lookout for her because she might show up in your area!

Elli Hi frame

September 7, 2017

September 5, 2017

The Team Keeps Growing!

We would like to welcome Sam Crovatt to the team. Sam joins as the new Technical Design Manager, while Sarah becomes UMBRA Health's Quality Manager.

Sam Hi Frame

UMBRA Health and the Georgia School of Orthodontics Partner

UMBRA Health has partnered with Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO) to assemble a team of multidisciplinary pediatric specialists to provide, at no cost, comprehensive treatment to more than 100 Georgia children born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniofacial anomalies.


August 8, 2017

By: Sandra Moreland

July 10, 2017

Welcoming a Growing Team

We welcome Tim Ray and Amy Yee this month. Tim joined us to take on the role of VP of Program and Project management, and Amy joined the marketing team as Marketing Manager. It's wonderful having such talented people join us in our quest to "welcome the world's healthiest generation." Welcome aboard Amy and Tim!

Filing MORE patents

Another UMBRA milestone: We filed our security and machine-learning patents this week! Security is our single biggest priority, and this patent will ensure that our Lifeographers' data is kept safe and private.

July 2, 2017

February 19, 2017


HIMSS 2-2017

Filing Patents!

What a phenomenal week! We filed all the new patents today, received the beta build of our software, and, after Monday, will be in a position to talk about what we have been up to the last few years. An exciting time for UMBRA Health - what a great team of people we have working hard to make medicine safer while driving down the cost for everyone.

November 18, 2016

May 23, 2016

Welcome to Our First Team Member!

We welcome Sarah McGaughey on board as our Technical Writing Manager.

Sarah Hi frame

UMBRA Health - in Germany

Beginning Lifeography development with our friends in Germany.

UH Germany 2015

June 21, 2015

April, 2015

UMBRA Health is born!

After years of research and design work, founder Ramon Dempers formally launches UMBRA Health as a Georgia Corporation with his business partner Dr. David Covall.

Ramon Hi Frame