Our security foundation: the bedrock for everything we build

UMBRA has been developing the technology to make Lifeography™ a reality for over six years. We knew from the start that security is not merely an important thing; it is the only thing. Families trust us with their most personal information. And we view this trust as a sacred pact. An essential part of this pact is that your data is yours to control. We will never share it or sell it.

So in designing our underlying technology, we started with a world-class foundation and built our solution to meet the standards the security model required. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way to build software, but it is the only proper way to build life-critical software.

Patented security innovation

During the development of our approach, we collaborated with Georgetown University Medical Center and their Computer Science Department personnel. The comments received guided our journey.

While we cannot disclose the details of our security, we can provide you with a sense of how seriously we take this subject. In countless ways, we take security much more seriously than many companies in healthcare. The recent headlines about security breaches and ransomware speak for us in this regard.

The UMBRA Cloud

Our technology is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. While many people are skeptical about using the cloud, they often do not realize they use clouds on a daily basis. The free email services such as and are cloud-based products, as are the “drives” you store your photos and music on. The difference, however, is that Microsoft has taken extraordinary steps to secure Azure specifically for healthcare.

The question to ask yourself is whether you are comfortable going to a doctor’s office where your records are on a local computer server in the same office. That is, are you comfortable with your files residing on a server usually maintained by an “IT services” company from time to time? In contrast to this, the cloud infrastructure has thousands of security experts monitoring the environment 24 hours a day, every day. Furthermore, do you trust a server that any office worker can gain access to, or do you trust a data center that does not allow human access to the hardware…ever?

These questions introduce critical concerns as more than 50% of all security breaches occur as a result of an internal breach. For example, a disgruntled worker may bring a USB drive to the office, copy records off the server, and walk out with them. The headlines tell this story all of the time. So when it comes to the cloud, that is where we place our trust and our technology; and we are not alone. Doctors, hospitals, and other providers are moving to the cloud. It is just a better and more secure way of doing things.

Microsoft Azure: The best cloud

Microsoft Azure brings a specific level of focus to the security of health and healthcare data. Check out this video for an overview:

For the hardcore visitors, here is a little more information:

  • Microsoft was also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018
  • The final regulations modifying HIPAA rules, HIPAA `Omnibus Rule

Do you have a security question?

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