Interoperability Solved

Why did we invent Lifeography™?

Because we know having complete health information is the foundation to providing the best care. And because we know electronic health record systems don’t talk to each other and that this lack of “interoperability” means critical information is often unavailable when it’s most needed. Lifeography automatically captures all test results, procedures, medications, notes, genetic info, and lifestyle stats from every doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, emergency room, clinic, hospital, or wellness facility the babies you care for have ever visited or will ever visit—all in one place. You no longer need to rely on the memories of the parents.

With Lifeography, consumers—and their healthcare professionals—have access to all information needed to make better, safer care decisions. Lifeography works seamlessly with more than 25 of the leading electronic health record systems. By adopting Lifeography, hospital systems and healthcare providers can expand the reach of their health systems. When patients own their records, wherever they are seen (i.e., at urgent care clinics, pharmacy clinics, or out-of-network specialists), all their records come back to the central care point within your system. This saves time and money. Doctors can see more patients. And tests don’t need to be repeated, avoiding denial of claims for repeat services.

Lifeography can be the connective tissue to improve efficiency and reduce costs within the healthcare system. Furthermore, Lifeography will soon be able to provide health insights based upon de-identified cohort data that can help predict, prevent, and cure disease. Join UMBRA in welcoming the world’s healthiest generation. It’s easy. And it’s secure.

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