Lifeography™ for your family gives you power.

Their health is in your hands.

Give your family the priceless gift of a Lifeography: a lifelong record of their health experiences. Why? After your baby is born, they already have three separate health records: one from the OBGYN, one from the hospital, and one from the pediatrician. Over the next couple of years, even healthy babies go to the ER, specialists, the dentist, therapists, and nutritionists. Pretty soon, they’ll have 10, 15, or more records. Important information scattered around like this is dangerous.

Whether it’s a routine check-up or a life-or-death situation, you don’t have time to track it all down. Your doctors don’t either. That’s when the guessing starts, mistakes are made, and people get hurt. Lifeography allows you to collect baby’s information prior to delivery, through birth, and as they grow. You store it in a secure HIPAA certified environment, in one place and keep it current. You own it. You control it. So you and your child’s doctors can access all data, from every source, to make informed decisions.

The new generation will be the first to benefit from Lifeography. Your baby can be at the forefront. Join the global movement to make healthcare safer, and help your child live a healthier, happier life.

mother holding baby feet

✓ Ownership and portability of medical records
✓ Secure storage in the cloud
✓ Second opinions are easy and timely
✓ Eliminate delays and costs when moving
✓ Ease of sharing among extended care teams
✓ Minimize exposure to redundant procedures
✓ EMT/paramedic access to records
✓ Future identification of health markers
✓ Peace of mind

Lifeography Benefits:

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