Lifeography™ – the smart personal health record for everyone.

UMBRA Health invented Lifeography: a lifelong record of an individual’s health experience. It is our goal that every person downloads and uses Lifeography to ensure they get safe, fast, and convenient medical care from their primary providers, their specialists, and even from emergency rooms. Lifeography addresses the problem of today’s disjointed, incomplete medical information.

In the current healthcare system, your information is scattered. Every time you need medical help, you have forms to fill out and medications to bring to the appointment (or worse, try to remember them). You're asked to remember things like when you last had a tetanus or flu shot or about diagnoses and treatments that you may have received years ago. You're asked to bring your medical records from previous healthcare providers, which, assuming the records still exist, may take weeks to receive. If the providers treating you don't have your complete medical history, they are forced to make decisions based on what they know at that moment in time. UMBRA has solved this problem for you.

Lifeography brings all test results, procedures, medications, notes, lifestyle stats—from every doctor, clinic, hospital, or wellness facility you've ever been—into one place. Then we sync the record every time a change is made. So now you own your own health data—and you and your doctor will make more informed medical decisions because you both have your complete medical record in the palm of your hands. Lifeography also has a family edition to make taking care of the whole family easy, secure and effortless. With Lifeography, we make healthy, automatic.

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Lifeography will be released in a controlled roll-out by region. If you'd like to be the first to get Lifeography in your area, register here: